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Even though the rapid evolution of IoT is exciting, but securing it has become a significant challenge for organizations in every sector. Moreover, as connected devices proliferate, the attack surface grows larger. While the benefits of IoT are undeniable, the reality is that security is not keeping up with the pace of new technology. As we integrate network connections into our nation’s critical infrastructure, essential processes that once were performed manually are now susceptible to cyber threats. Up until now, a majority of the endpoint security vendors are telling the same story about protecting the IoT.
The real story is that they don’t have one.
e-Risk protects the Internet of things (IoT) endpoints—and all devices within an enterprise environment—by detecting and thwarting cyberattacks – before they can penetrate a system or device. e-Risk identifies both known and unknown threats in real time.
Provides agent or agent-less integration for management of all types of IoT devices—medical, SCADA, smart meters, cameras, home appliances, and more.

Block Chain Technology: Using blockchain technology, e-Risk provides scalable seamless auto-provisioning of IoT devices incorporating identification, authentication and authorization (IA2). This architecture is also designed to handle the approval of transactions based upon various levels of network consensus to provide a spectrum of trust to data consumers.


Continuous Authentication and Predictive Analytics (CAPA): The e-Risk platform is built around a modeling framework that employs the CAPA engine—the core of which manages an extensive array of machine learning algorithms. With CAPA, our cybersecurity tools apply predictive analytics to enforce and detect anomalies from all inbound attack vectors and neutralize any threats. e-Risk offers leading edge static/dynamic analysis and predictive analytics. CAPA is the core of the e-Risk architecture, which manages an extensive array of artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and mitigate cyber threats.

e-Sense: e-Risk also features e-Sensing technology which coordinates the sharing of real-time threat information externally with other e-Risk communities. e-Sense is a highly complex and feature-rich agent framework that makes split-second decisions to classify the characteristic of any network object against optimally-configured statistical models. Our e-Sensing agents are built with highly sensitive threat- intelligence capabilities, which mitigates all threats against the endpoint proactively.

Malware Hardening—Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP):

e-Risk is a next-generation AEP system that redefines anti-virus threat management for enterprises of all sizes. Artificial intelligence runs at the heart of our malware engine to proactively detect and prevent any malicious software from gaining access to any of your system endpoints. Every second of every hour, e-Risk provides continuous protection for your devices.

Advanced Data Forensics: e-Risk employs the most advanced data forensics detection and monitoring techniques—including real-time events, process initiation, file system changes, and Windows registry alterations.

Incident Response: Collects attack-context data as input to incident response intelligence. The e-Risk console provides pre-execution insights and detonation intelligence from static analysis, dynamic analysis, and predictive analytics.

Provides agent or agent-less integration for management of all types of IoT devices—medical, SCADA, smart meters, cameras, sensors, and more.


Integrated Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Support (CDM)

Central, global dashboard view of potential and actual vulnerabilities

Drastically reduces overall cybersecurity investment

Accurate, real-time security event monitoring

Benefits of our Blockchain security features include IoT device protection, data integrity and resource sharing without the need for a third party or centralized authority to control transactions.


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